Anti Virus Software For Mobile Phones |

Mobile phone manufacturers have now included the facility for Wi Fi connection in the latest mobiles. People are more interested in this application as they do not need to spend time in front of the computer for browsing the Internet. In a computer we use anti virus programs to safeguard your system from the attack of viruses. What will we do for mobile phones?Browsing the Internet through mobile will ease the entry of unwanted malwares in to your phone. You can stop this attack by getting anti virus programs suitable for phones. The popular anti virus software for mobile phones include Zebra Virus Cleaner, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Commander Mobile Anti-Virus and F-Secure Mobile Anti-virus.Compared to computer viruses, mobile viruses are few and about 40 of them have been reported recently. It seems that, even though they are less in number they can cause damage to the mobile.Here we are discussing the features of the popular mobile phone anti virus program software’s.Zebra Virus CleanerOne among the popular anti virus program for the mobile phones. Effective in destroying all the spywares, malwares, worms and other viruses including the Trojans.Provides security to all the data stored in your phone through a quick scan. The main advantage of this program is that you can set the time for the complete scan of your documents in the mobile and the scan start automatically at the time scheduled.The Kaspersky Anti-VirusVery popular virus detection program for the computer. They have developed a program liable to mobile using the expertise of the Kasperky Lab technologies, filters all the unwanted worms and viruses from spying the information stored in the phone.Commander Mobile Anti-VirusEffective anti virus program,quick scan through the phone and memory card of your phone and removes all harmful components present in your mobile. Have the ability to detect and neutralize Cabir, the most annoying virus attacking mobile phones.