How to Share Your Mobile Broadband |

Sharing your Mobile Broadband with another computer is one of the easiest connection configurations. All you need to do is to hold on to your patience and no matter how tough the whole setup appears to you, you will come out through the whole process nice and easy. You will need a laptop and your broadband card. For a vista user here are the following steps that you have to perform:1. Click on the Start Button
2. Go to Control Panel
3. Click on Network and Sharing Center
4. Look Under tasks and click on Manage Network Connections
5. Find your broadband connection name and right click on it
6. Click on Properties
7. Click on Sharing
8. Mark the box that says “Allow other users to connect through this computer’s connection”
9. You will find a drop down box that will key you to the option called “Wireless Connection”. Click OK twice.
10. Go back to the Network and Sharing Center.
11. Look in the left hand column under Tasks and select “Set up a connection or network”
12. Click on Setup a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer to Computer) network
13. Assign a name to it.
14. Choose the form of encryption. Normally it should be WEP and in between 5 -13 character long.
15. Go back to the Network and Sharing Center. Click on “Connect to a network”. You shall have the network listed which you just created. Now key in the password and you are on.You will have no problem in finding your way sharing your mobile broadband connection if you have followed all the above mentioned steps carefully. Also keep an eye to make a note of the password that you type in. This is your security code for you connection and you should write it down somewhere safe and keep it handy for a future reference.The steps for Windows XP are pretty much the same. If you have one particular setup then you might go ahead and share the password with your companions. The whole process safer than Wi-Fi connectivity owing to the fact that the particular region that the laptop can broadcast is comparatively smaller and that puts you safe from hackers and other threats.How to Share a Mobile Broadband Connection (Between Multiple Computers)Setup: Plug in your Mobile Broadband.
Click on the Start Menu and then move on to the “Connect to” option.
Click on your default connection that appears and click on Properties.
Once you are into properties click on Sharing. Mark all options and on the “Drop Down Menu” select the required connection type..
Follow step 2 once again but also click on Show All Connections.
Select “Create a new Connection” and then mark the Ad-Hoc Option. Now assign a name for the connection, and add a WEP/ WPA password and click on finish.
Make sure to turn on Mobile Connect and accordingly press Connect and you are all set to go.