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Technological advances are definitely happening faster than ever in the world we live in. But one type of communication that may be here in one form or another for a very long time is text message from computer or what others are calling mobile ads.This permission-based message channel has now become the number one choice of communication for mobile users and for businesses reaching clients and church organizations staying in touch with their members.What can no longer be ignored is the fact that approximately 279 million consumers have their mobile phones with them practically twenty-four hours per day. That means that almost 90 percent of this country is cell phone captive.In recent metric studies being done on mobile phone usage, nearly 70 million have received some type of SMS marketing or mobile ads. What advertising agencies find optimistic is that nearly 14 percent of these users responded to these mobile coupons, polls or notices.These non-intrusive types of text messages, also known as SMS text alerts, allows short messages usually with a maximum of 130 to 160 characters to be sent from one cell phone to another or from a mobile SMS marketing platform leased by a business, charity, school or church.The text message from computer concept has given businesses and church organizations the ability to stay in touch with customers and church members with SMS text marketing is absolutely remarkable with mobile users welcoming this technology wholeheartedly.Take for example, you would now have the ability to insert website links in the actual text, include invitations to enter contests, inform church members of future sermons or other important notices, receive mobile coupons, and take part in donation campaigns.This can be very powerful especially for a small business owner who would like to stay in touch with one-on-one communication and have the opportunity to build a large clientele list.But it does more than this. If you are already utilizing some form of print, television, outdoor signage, radio or website advertising, a SMS text marketing campaign can literally make your current advertising more profitable.By simply putting a SMS code such as text “kwiktext kwiktext (to) 368674” on any of your print ads, your new customer upon subscribing will automatically receive your business details and all parties are happy.Real estate agents, restaurants, hair salons, chiropractors, mortgage brokers, banks, home improvement companies, auto repair owners, dentists and retail stores have numerous opportunities to reach out to a potential new client in their industry.* In order to make this work successfully, you first must choose a service with a 5 or 6 digit internet phone number and then pick a keyword to identify your business, school or church. Make sure the keyword is less than 10 to 15 characters and make it easy to remember.* In order to build a huge customer database, you must offer something of value to the new customer. For example, give them 20 to 45 percent off their next purchase for joining your rewards club. Auto shops should give their new customer an oil change for $10 if they join your auto rewards club. Don’t make the mistake of being cheap. You will make more money later on and have a very happy customer.* Although this has already been addressed, include your keyword and internet phone number on your website, all print advertising, retail storefront, receipts and invoices, e-mail footer, your business voice mail for after hour calls, flyers, television and radio spots and business cards. If your budget allows, try different keywords for different marketing venues or products and services.* Always follow SMS to mobile protocol. This means always make it easy for your client to opt out when they want to leave. Yes, as great as your product or service is, there will be some who will want to leave your list. Make it easy by joining a shared SMS service that automatically provides this. They should be able to text STOP and their mobile number will automatically be deleted from future text messages.It is quite clear that the world has gone mobile for texting and for apps. And because of this, communication as we know it will need to adapt to this powerful medium. Your business, school and church can take full advantage of this SMS software and do so inexpensively. Isn’t it time you do the same and go mobile with all your promotions?