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The mobile phone is a significant asset of an individual. The classical features provided by this device, in addition to the transmission of voices and text messages, are the cogent reasons for the increased usage. Mobile phones are not mere communication gadgets and the leisure uses are numerous. When you find yourself idle and wish to entertain, it would be perfect to have a device at your pocket to serve the purpose. These are widely accepted to be the appropriate choice. In spite of the fact that it was originally designed in order to exchange voices over distances, it has emerged as device to provide entertainment and competes with the computer at home. It is portable and compact as well.In times of emergency like getting tangled in crowded places, your delay can be communicated effectively through text messages. Waiting is no more a boredom with your mobile phone at your palm. It is quite amusing with the help of the features offered by the handsets. Checking mails, browsing net, listening to music, taking photographs, watching TV can be performed by you during an insipid travel. Hence mobiles have evolved as a communication device that performs multitude of tasks. GPRS facilities, digital camera, music player, TV are in built and help in accomplishing the multi functions provided. Just pointing to an amusing image and clicking a button results in capturing the picture. It can be either preserved for the posterity or else transferred to other mobiles or computers. Sharing is made easy with the Bluetooth facility. Conversations with friends or important notes can be recorded. You can record your loved one’s voice for listening at anytime and anywhere. Video recording is also feasible and with the recent handsets, the duration is extended to more than an hour.Multimedia messaging ensures a greater experience of exchanging messages. Pictures and sounds can be included to yield a pleasant sharing. Emails can be sent and received on the move and this process does not require a special device. Thus the operation is more user friendly and simple. You can browse the websites and update yourself with the latest technology. Many websites are exclusively designed to fit in the mobile screen due to the increased access.Playing games will be the ultimate choice of most of us in leisure time. When it is being offered to you by the device which you carry in your pocket, falter no more! With the giant leap in technology, MS office documents can be viewed through your mobile phones. You can view your documents any number of times. In addition, your computer can use your mobile phone as a window. This fact suggests the desktop application of mobile gadgets. MP3 files can be played using your mobile. Music from the internet can be streamed and played through the mobile. TV channels can be availed using the latest models.Shopping can also be done using the phones. It replaces the credit and debit cards. Billing can be done based on the relationship existing between the subscriber and the operator. Mobile phones do act as your wallet! Payments to the merchants can be made easily. Ability to read the bar codes has resulted in the applications in commerce. This is quite interesting!Evolution in mobile handset is rapid and multitude when compared to the computers. Mobiles serve as watches and alarm clocks and perform a varied function. Calendar function and calculators are also available. Reminders can be recorded as well! The astonishing facts on the innovation and growth of the mobile phones insist on procuring the suitable handset. The gamut ranges from simple ones to the trendy gadgets. Make your best choice. Leisure time depends on mobiles in deed!